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Moon Mist and Music

Bobcaygeon...What makes you so famous? First Lock built on the Trent-Severn? Houseboat capital of Ontario? Bolton Street, with some of the quaintest shops and eateries around?

Long before Gord Downie reminded the world that Bobcaygeon has some of the most beautiful constellations ever viewed from the end of a dock, Bobcaygeon was known as the home of Kawartha Dairy. No trip to the cottage or the trailer was complete without a trip to the Dairy.

Every Summer season we can't wait to see what “New Flavour” will be on the menu...can it possibly top 2010's Moose Tracks?

So, what did the Dairy bring is in 2023? “Moon Mist: An East Coast Favourite! Banana, Grape and Bubblegum flavoured ice cream swirled together for an out of this world delicious taste!”

Now, I like the flavour of banana, grape and bubblegum, but together? My first thought is, nope, not my thing. Our Great Niece, a Kawartha Dairy expert, as she’s been enjoying it her whole life, declared, “It’s excellent.”

Not wanting to rely on a 6 year old, I did give it a try. First impression…I can see the appeal. A really nice blending of flavours, definitely awakes the taste buds. Will it knock Salty Carmel Truffle off my Top 10? No, but the thing about a new flavour have to give it a try. You know you can trust Kawartha Dairy to come up with something unique, interesting and flavourful. It may not be to your taste, but what the's ICE CREAM, from Kawartha Dairy! It will be smooth and rich and the best quality around.

Music is a lot like ice cream...stay with me for a minute. What you like may be different than what the next person likes. You may like a bit of light jazz but your significant other wants to toe-tap to something a little more country. You both appreciate talent and the skill it takes to perfect an instrument, to perform a entertain.

Another Bobcaygeon tradition is Music in the Park, courtesy of yours truly, the Bobcaygeon Music Council. Thursday evenings in July and August you will find a crowd of people sitting on lawn chairs, enjoying music next to Lock 32. If you live or summer in Bobcaygeon, you know Thursday evening is Music in the Park, in one of the most beautiful settings in Kawartha Lakes.

One week you may hear a singer-songwriter, storyteller like Jeffrey Straker who made a stop in Bobcaygeon en route to Nashville, where he was recording an album. The next week it may be Juno nominated Sultans of String. And you may end the season, singing in the rain to songs you know by heart…thank you Vintages! Every concert was different, and after each concert I had at least one person approach me and say, “That was my favourite concert.”

What few people seem to know, or remember is, our concerts don’t end in August. For twenty years the Bobcaygeon Music Council presents Music Alive! bringing professional musicians to the best concert venue in town. Where might that be? 44 William Street, Trinity United, a venue with amazing acoustics, a baby grand piano, upgraded sound system and most importantly: comfortable seats! And, totally accessible!

When the Bobcaygeon Music Council was first formed, classical music was the focus. The founders, Andy Harris and a few friends wanted to enjoy ensembles without traveling to Peterborough. Over the years the musical stylings have changed but we have never lost focus on our core function: bring musical acts to town so people don’t need to travel to Toronto, Lindsay or Peterborough. Musical tastes have changed and we have adapted to keep pace with what the community wants to hear.

The 2023-2024 series features four very different acts, starting with JoyRide in October, followed by Boreal, Dara Schindelka and Matt Zaddy with River North, in November, February and April respectively. Learn more about each of these artists at Think of that as our “Menu” and if you want a sample, there are links to videos and websites for each act.

I could try to describe each artist and their music, but like a six-year old describing ice cream, I can merely say, ”It’s excellent!” Words don’t do justice…listen for yourself and then come out to see them…they came all this way, just to entertain you!

Just like our friends at Kawartha Dairy, we bring you something different each season…smooth, rich and the best quality around…give us a try.

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